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Then & Now

Dramatic Actor

When it comes to bringing industry professionals in to the Academy to teach I am always mindful that just because someone can perform it doesn’t mean they can necessarily teach. Having Ryan O'Gorman come in to the JH Academy of Theatre Arts was a highlight of our term and year. Not only is Ryan an excellent performer but he is also a superb teacher. The students gained so much from Ryan over the course of his masterclass. They were enthralled by his passion for the industry and his knowledge of his trade. Our tutors were like students themselves when he was teaching. We all felt like we gained in our creativity and knowledge and in turn our passion for the world we call Theatre. Our students were left inspired and wanting more. We look forward to having Ryan back at our Academy as often as he is able.

James Huish

Pricipal - JH Academy

Piano on Stage

During my 1-1 sessions, I have gained skills and techniques that have helped so much with my auditions. It's been great working on both the technical and performance elements, and I now feel so confident! 

James Evans Jones

Private Tuition 

Then: Auditioning

Now: Arts Ed - BAMT Class 2022

Actress on a Stage

I've had many sessions both in person and online with Tom at MTVirtual. I have been taught many skills that I can now use in my upcoming Drama School Auditions. I now feel confident breaking down a monologue/song to understand the true meaning. It's been the best preparation for my auditions and the industry.

Ben Baker

Private Tuition 

Then: Auditioning

Now: Guildford School of Acting

Dramatic Actor

These lessons have literally changed my life. Before, I struggled with motivation and consistency. Since enrolling onto the Act with Actors Programme, my life has transformed. I now have a real direction and purpose, and I'm driven to become the best I can possibly be. I can't thank Tom & Ryan enough, I would urge anyone who is interested in Musical Theatre to come to MTVirtual.

Mathew Downes

Act With Actors Programme

Then: 3 Months into Programme

Now: 2 years into Programme deliberating which Drama School offer to take.

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