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The Prince of Egypt Movie Jokes

The Prince of Egypt is a classic animated film that tells the epic story of Moses and his journey from being a prince of Egypt to becoming the leader of the Hebrews. The film is full of memorable scenes, songs, and characters that have inspired many fans and parodies over the years. Here are some jokes based on the movie that will make you laugh or groan.

  • What do you call a snake that works for Pharaoh? A cobra-tor.

  • Why did Moses have trouble finding his way in the desert? Because he had a bad sense of direc-tion.

  • How did Rameses know that Moses was his brother? Because he had a mole-sis.

  • What did Miriam say when she saw Moses in the basket? "Look, it's a boy in a buoy."

  • What did Jethro say when he saw Tzipporah and Moses kissing? "You two are getting along like a house on fire."

  • What did Moses say when he saw the burning bush? "Holy smokes!"

  • What did God say when he gave Moses the Ten Commandments? "Don't break them."

  • What did the Hebrews say when they crossed the Red Sea? "We sea what you did there."

  • What did the Egyptians say when they saw the plagues? "This sucks."

  • What did Pharaoh say when he saw Moses parting the Red Sea? "Oh no, he didn't."

These are just some of the jokes that you can make about The Prince of Egypt. If you have any more jokes or puns about the movie, feel free to share them in the comments section below. Remember to be respectful and have fun!



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