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Becoming an M88 Agent – A Guide to Boosting Your Income

The M88 Agent Program is a collaborative initiative where you can earn commissions based on the betting losses of customers playing at M88. These are individuals you've introduced to the m88 best online sports betting website through the unique affiliate link provided to you upon becoming an official agent, or through various online and offline channels.

Why Become an M88 Agent?

The M88 brand is well-established, making you part of one of the most renowned Asian bookmakers, offering its services in over six different languages to attract a diverse range of customers. With a wide array of competitive products, M88 provides top-tier betting options, including Sports Betting, Casino M88 with live dealers, Keno, Slot games, Lotto, and numerous other online games.

Agents can earn commissions of up to 50%, with an initial commission rate of 30% that can increase to 50% for every member you introduce.

User-friendly affiliate marketing tools are provided to ensure high conversion rates and member retention, supported by a dedicated and well-trained customer support team.

How to Become an M88 Agent

The registration process for becoming an M88 Agent is entirely free. Simply fill in the required information in the registration form, and the M88 Agent Department will contact you within 72 hours for application approval.

Here's a quick and easy guide on how to become an M88 Agent:

Step 1: Access the Agent Registration Link signing up to M88

Visit the official M88 website and scroll down to the "Agent" section. Click on "Register" to access the registration interface.

Step 2: Fill in the M88 Agent Registration Information

Complete the required fields in the registration form, including:

Language: Select "Vietnamese."

Username, Password, Confirm Password.

Email address.



Personal details: Name, surname, company name (if applicable), phone number, Skype/QQ, Flygram, Telegram username, KakaoTalk.

Marketing channels: Choose from options like website, social media, mobile apps, advertising, offline, or others. Provide details of the selected channels.

Step 3: Complete the how to withdraw m88

Choose a payment method: either "Not specified" or bank transfer. If selecting bank transfer, provide relevant details such as bank account name, account number, bank address, bank name, branch name, and SWIFT code.

Step 4: Submit the M88 Agent Registration Form

After completing steps 2 and 3, click "Register" to submit your application. Wait for M88 to confirm your information and respond to your request.

Agent commission percentages are determined based on the total betting losses of members at M88 and the number of active members each month. All agents bear administrative fees and other expenses incurred during member advertising and marketing.

Minimum commission payout is $100, and any commission below $100 will be carried over to the next month.

In conclusion, registering as an M88 agent opens up opportunities to increase your earnings effortlessly. With a straightforward process and clear payout terms, joining as an M88 agent allows you to profit from the success of the M88 brand. If you have any inquiries during your agent journey, feel free to contact the customer care department for guidance and clarification.


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