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Counter Strike Point Blank: A Free FPS Game with Classic Maps and Modes

Actually I do understand the laws from reading many articles on Der Spiegel, Deutsche Welle, and other sources, though I do not claim to be an expert. And your last sentence expresses my point succinctly: Snowden would have been told point-blank that he would either share everything he knows or be sent back. He would choose the former and Merkel would then have the political ammunition to defend him against the USA. She might have been able to gain entrance to the Five Eyes club. You may disagree, but I believe Merkel is practical and intelligent.

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Maher does strike me as the sort to play a good strawman, arguing the reverse of truth in order for people to come to the obvious rational conclusion that he leaves only vaguely blanked out. Such people are absolutely necessary because people feel much more confident when they have reasoned out the truth for their own selves.


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