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Peruchazhi Malayalam Full Movie

Peruchazhi Malayalam Full Movie Review

Peruchazhi is a 2014 Malayalam political satire comedy film starring Mohanlal, Aju Varghese, Baburaj, Ragini Nandwani, Mukesh, Vijay Babu, and Sean James Sutton. The film is written and directed by Arun Vaidyanathan and produced by Vijay Babu and Sandra Thomas under the banner of Friday Film House. The film was released on 29 August 2014 and received mixed reviews from critics and audiences.

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The film revolves around Jagannathan (Mohanlal), a cunning politician from Kerala who is good at solving problems using his wit and unconventional methods. He is offered a lucrative deal by his rival Francis Kunjappan (Mukesh) to go to the United States and help a struggling candidate John Kory (Sean James Sutton) win the California governor's election. Jagannathan accepts the offer and flies to the US with his two assistants Pottakkuzhy Jabbar (Baburaj) and Vayalar Varkey (Aju Varghese). There he meets Sunny Kurishingal (Vijay Babu), Kory's chief adviser and Kunjappan's friend, who assigns him the task of boosting Kory's popularity among the voters. Jagannathan uses his tricks and tactics inspired by Indian politics to manipulate the media, public opinion, and even Kory's opponent Jerry Fletcher (Sandra Thomas). He also falls in love with Jessy (Ragini Nandwani), Kory's campaign manager, who is unaware of his real identity. How Jagannathan succeeds in his mission and what consequences he faces forms the rest of the story.


Peruchazhi is a film that tries to be a satire on the political scenario of both India and the US, but fails to deliver on its promise. The film suffers from a weak script, poor direction, illogical scenes, and excessive references to Mohanlal's previous films. The film also lacks originality and freshness, as it borrows heavily from Hollywood films like The Campaign, Wag the Dog, and Thank You for Smoking. The film also fails to explore the potential of its premise and characters, and resorts to clichés and stereotypes. The film's humor is mostly slapstick and vulgar, and does not evoke much laughter. The film also drags on for too long, with a runtime of 154 minutes.

The only saving grace of the film is Mohanlal's performance, who carries the film on his shoulders with his charisma and screen presence. He manages to make some scenes enjoyable with his comic timing and expressions. Aju Varghese and Baburaj also provide some comic relief with their antics. Ragini Nandwani looks pretty and does a decent job as Mohanlal's love interest. Sean James Sutton is convincing as the clueless candidate. Vijay Babu, Mukesh, Sandra Thomas, and the rest of the cast are adequate in their roles.

The music by Arrora is average, with no memorable songs. The background score is loud and repetitive. The cinematography by Arvind Krishna is good, capturing the scenic locations of California. The editing by Vivek Harshan is sloppy, leaving many loose ends and continuity errors. The production values are decent, considering the budget of the film.


Peruchazhi is a disappointing film that fails to live up to the expectations of Mohanlal fans and comedy lovers. The film is neither funny nor smart, and wastes a talented cast and an interesting premise. The film is only watchable for Mohanlal's performance, which is not enough to save this sinking ship.

Rating: 2/5


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