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Crochet Beginner Video Tutorial

So you want to learn to crochet but have no idea where to start? Fear not, you've come to the right place! We at AllFreeCrochet spend a lot of time in our craft studio filming tutorials and videos to help you learn how to crochet.This page has a whopping 85+ Crochet Video Tutorials for Beginners! From beginner stitch videos to project tutorials, there's a crochet video tutorial here that's sure to help you out.With over 85 video tutorials here and even some general tips and information here, like what yarn to use for dishcloth patterns or how to choose colors and weaving in ends, you're sure to find something helpful.To get started, begin with our FAQ section. Then, scroll down to the next section below, which includes the basics like chain stitch and the single crochet stitch... and then keep clicking down the list to build your skill repertoire! First, learn how to crochet a slip knot and chain stitch with the video right below, then move onto the rest of these tutorials in order to learn crochet.

crochet beginner video tutorial

What's the easiest way to learn to crochet?This varies depending on who you're talking to. Some people need to be shown by someone in person and then be able to ask questions as they go while others can sit in front of a Youtube video (like the AllFreeCrochet channel) and learn at their own speed, pausing and repeating certain bits when necessary.If you're a video tutorial kind of person, this comprehensive collection page is perfect for you. You'll find these tutorials broken down into easy and basic crochet stitches, ones you can find being used for most patterns, and some slightly more complicated stitches that aren't as common but still look really gorgeous.You'll find a section on specific techniques, like weaving in ends or how to change colors as you crochet, and there's a section for crochet borders and edgings that you can add to your finished projects to give them a little something special.Finally, we have a Crochet Stitch Directory that will help you learn the stitches. There's also a section of full-project tutorials near the bottom of this page, where we walk you through each of the steps needed to make a certain baby bootie or hat project.What is the best yarn to learn to crochet with?Medium-weight (or worsted weight yarn) is probably the best yarn to learn to crochet with.Any smaller and you'll be dealing with smaller crochet hooks and much more intricate stitches and any larger and you might be overwhelmed by the sheer size.Worsted weight yarn is the most common and most popular weight yarn, and you can find any type of project for the yarn weight. Check out Types of Yarn + Yarn Weights Explained for everything you need to know.What do I need to buy to crochet?To learn to crochet, you need to buy a skein of yarn (as mentioned above, stick with worsted weight for starters, so you can practice), and a crochet hook. On every yarn label, you'll see a suggested hook size, so make sure you get something that matches.If you need help with hook sizes, see our page on Choosing the Right Hook Size for more information.

After chaining, you'll want to start with single crochet, then double crochet. Half double crochet or triple (also known as treble) is usually the next two you'll learn.After that, you should have enough confidence to choose one of the stitch patterns that uses what you already know, like the v-stitch, which uses mostly double crochet.

Pro Tip: The foundation for any crochet project, from scarves and hats to blankets and sweaters, is a good grasp on your crochet stitches. There are so many different types of stitches out there, and they range from quick and simple to more involved and decorative, but the basics are all the same.Ultimately, you're still just inserting your hook through the top of a stitch, yarning over and grabbing some yarn, and pulling your hook through other loops - the difference is in the number of times you do each thing.

These crochet stitches are a little more involved than the ones above but are also still on the basic level and popular amongst crocheters. So, at the end of the day, they aren't necessarily any more difficult than the basic ones above. With some practice and care, you can master any of these!For example, learn how to crochet the granny ripple stitch with our stepped-out tutorial. Click on the video right below and see for yourself.Then scroll down for some more. Many of these are made using the basic stitches you've learned before, so none of these should be too tricky. Add some pizzazz to your projects with these more advanced crochet stitches!

Besides knowing your crochet stitches, you'll need to know some other fundamentals. Unless you're fine with making projects in all one color, you'll want to know how to change colors as you crochet and how to join yarn.One of our favorite techniques is filet crochet. Learn how to filet crochet by watching the video right below.For hats, you might want to make sure you know how to work in the round or how to start with a magic circle. We even have some basic video tutorials on choosing the best crochet hook for your work and using stitch markers to track your progress.

Once you're done with a project, it's nice to add an edging to your work to set it off. Sometimes you can get away with something basic, but what if you want to add some more advanced edging or border?These crochet edging videos, like our Pointed Scallop Edging that shown in the video directly below, will show you how to work some fancy borders that would look great around a baby blanket or even along the bottom ends of a scarf or a sweater!Take a look at these lovely borders and see how easy it is to finish off your crochet pieces with a pretty design.

Now that you've learned about some crochet stitches, fun techniques and tips and how to crochet stylish borders and edgings, you're ready to go off and crochet your own projects!The video right below shows you how to Crochet an Oversized Shawl that is perfect for charity. Click play to watch. With all of your knowledge gleaned from these videos, you should be able to follow along with any crochet pattern out there. If you still prefer following along with videos, we have a few super popular projects available as video tutorials, just for you!Make a crochet baby cocoon or a chunky baby blanket, work up a messy bun hat or a sweet beanie with a flower, or various crochet accessories, scarves, blankets and appliques!

I launched the Marly Bird YouTube channel way back in 2014! My oldest video is a tutorial on how to crochet a slip knot and work the chain stitch. In other words, I started off the channel teaching you the basics of crochet. And although both my knit and crochet videos are popular, my most popular video tutorial is a crochet project.

My Absolute Beginner knit and crochet video tutorials have historically been pretty popular. I show you step by step, basics by basics, exactly how to work on a beginner pattern. This allows you to learn how to knit or crochet and finish with a project in hand.

Hi Grace! My grandmother taught me to crochet about 7 years ago and, since I'm stuck inside, I recently picked it up again and it brings me so much peace. This pattern was so easy to follow and the top I made is so pretty and I can't wait to wear it out when this is all over!

Hi Grace,The end result shouldn't be too different, the edges just might be not as neat/straight. If this doesn't bother you it's fine ? but if you want a more secure edge you'd need to undo your work and re-crochet the rows sorry!Grace

Hi Jen,If you've used a different weight of yarn (in this case a thicker yarn) just keep in mind that you can follow the pattern as a guide but you'll need to alter the stitch counts (crochet fewer chains) and crochet fewer rows to have a top that fits like the sample in the photos.I hope this helps,Grace

Hi Mara,The yarn amounts are listed in the 'Materials' section. If you want to make a size M - you'll need 165g of yarn. Keep in mind that the yarn I"m using has 105m per 50g - so you'll need 4 skeins of yarn or 347m of a DK weight yarn. Remember that these amounts are approximate since we all crochet with different tension ?I hope this helps,Grace

Hi Ellen,You've probably not been crocheting in the last stitch of each row. Unfortunately the only way to fix this is to undo your work and start from Row 2 sorry! Even if you try to add more stitches now the edge will be uneven.I hope this helps,Grace

Hi Ashley, if your yarn uses a 3mm hook it's probably not a DK / Light (3) yarn? In that case you probably won't meet gauge and your top will turn out smaller than the suggested measurements. You can follow the pattern as a guide but you'll probably need to crochet more chains and rows to get your top to fit.I hope this helps,Grace ?

Hi Ciara, if you want your top to look like the sample I'd recommend starting again but chaining more chains in the foundation chain. Alternatively, once your rectangle is the correct width, you can crochet along the long edge of the rectangle in rows - this will create a horizontal band at the bottom of the top and add length.I hope this helps,Grace ?

Hey Grace, Im really new to crochet and most times on some written patterns they are like gauge blocked and guage after blocked... And I really dont understand what they mean by that or how they get the measurements so please could you explain that to me?

Hi Jada, since this item is crochet there will always be small 'holes' but they shouldn't be noticeable when you wear the top. To minimise the look of the holes it comes down to yarn choice - 100% cotton yarns tend to have more stitch definition so the 'holes' are more noticeable while acrylic and cotton blends work better for this type of pattern.I hope this helps,Grace ?


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