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Malayalam Manthrika Novels Free 18

Malayalam Manthrika Novels Free 18

Malayalam manthrika novels are a genre of fiction that deals with magic, supernatural, fantasy, and mystery elements. They are popular among readers of all ages, especially young adults and teenagers. Some of the most famous Malayalam manthrika novelists are S GIRIJA, Kottayam Pushpanath, C Radhakrishnan, and M K Menon. In this article, we will explore some of the best Malayalam manthrika novels that are available for free online.

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Sreeparvathi: Manthrika Novel by S GIRIJA

Sreeparvathi is a recent Malayalam manthrika novel by S GIRIJA, a renowned novelist who has written more than 50 books in various genres. The novel is about a young girl named Sreeparvathi, who has a mysterious power to see the past and future of anyone she touches. She uses her gift to help people in need, but also faces many dangers and challenges from those who want to exploit or harm her. The novel is a thrilling and captivating story that blends romance, suspense, and fantasy.

Krishna Gopala: Manthrika Novel by Kottayam Pushpanath

Krishna Gopala is a classic Malayalam manthrika novel by Kottayam Pushpanath, a legendary writer who is known as the father of detective and horror fiction in Malayalam. The novel is about a young boy named Krishna Gopala, who is the reincarnation of Lord Krishna. He has to face many enemies and obstacles in his quest to fulfill his destiny and save the world from evil. The novel is a masterpiece of imagination and creativity that combines mythology, history, and adventure.

Theekkadal Kadanju Thirumadhuram: Manthrika Novel by C Radhakrishnan

Theekkadal Kadanju Thirumadhuram is a Malayalam manthrika novel by C Radhakrishnan, a prolific and award-winning writer who has written more than 100 books in various fields. The novel is about a young man named Ravi, who discovers a secret formula that can turn seawater into nectar. He decides to use his discovery to help the poor and needy, but also attracts the attention of powerful and greedy forces who want to steal his invention. The novel is a fascinating and inspiring story that explores the themes of science, ethics, and spirituality.

Manushyanu Oru Aamukham: Manthrika Novel by M K Menon

Manushyanu Oru Aamukham is a Malayalam manthrika novel by M K Menon, a versatile and acclaimed writer who has written more than 40 books in various genres. The novel is about a young woman named Anjali, who has a rare ability to communicate with animals. She uses her skill to help animals in distress, but also faces many difficulties and dangers from humans who do not understand or appreciate her gift. The novel is a touching and realistic story that portrays the bond between humans and animals.


Malayalam manthrika novels are a rich and diverse genre of fiction that offer readers a lot of entertainment and enlightenment. They are also easily accessible online for free, thanks to the efforts of various publishers and authors who have made their works available for digital reading. If you are looking for some exciting and enjoyable Malayalam manthrika novels to read, you can start with the ones mentioned in this article.


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