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Ava Max Call Me Tonight MP3 EXCLUSIVE Download

Call Me Tonight is about when the stranger Ava met is asking for her name, she is basically telling them to call her tonight as a pickup line.This was said by Ava in an tiktok from uproxxpop as she describes herself in the situation as Angelic.

Ava Max Call Me Tonight MP3 Download

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Heaven & Hell is the debut studio album by American singer Ava Max. It was released by Atlantic Records on September 18, 2020. Max recorded the album from December 2018 to March 2020, where she collaborated with composers including Cirkut, RedOne, Charlie Puth, and Bonnie McKee. Musically, Heaven & Hell is a pop, dance-pop, and electropop record split into two sides; the former contains anthemic sounds, while the latter incorporates darker melodies.

Musically, Heaven & Hell contains genres of pop,[9][10] dance-pop,[11] and electropop,[12] with lyrical themes of love, feminism, and resilience.[13] Max insisted on wanting an upbeat energy to the album so that it would be cohesive, reasoning that she did not want every song to sound the same. She described some songs as "very strong and empowering", while others "are a little bit more emotional".[3][4] Max refused to include a ballad on the album, as she believed that she would need to include at least four ballads without removing any dance tracks.[6][14] She additionally stated that Heaven & Hell is a collection of music inspired by artists from her childhood such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Mariah Carey.[15] Cirkut, RedOne, Charlie Puth and Bonnie McKee were involved in the album's production.[16] It is split into two sides; Side A: Heaven, and Side B: Hell. The former consists of light energetic songs which serve as anthems, while the latter consists of darker and moodier melodies.[14] Max first envisioned the concept before performing at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards, after including the album title as a lyric in the bridge of "Torn", eventually placing the song as the "purgatory" track of Heaven & Hell.[1][17]

Max enlisted creative director Charlotte Rutherford to create visuals for Heaven & Hell through direct messages, where she created the album's cover art, which contains a mirror image of Max's asymmetric blonde and orange hair in two different colors.[18][19] Max explained that she wanted it to be "pretty simple" as she used several crazy ideas in previous covers. The back cover and 12-page booklet contains photos which depict heaven being in space and hell being on earth, which she described as an "entire world that I created".[1][18] A thematic palette of orange and blue was incorporated into the album's visuals, with the colors specifically chosen by Max.[20] She stated that the color blue symbolized "sky and light", while orange was "more fiery but also vibrant".[8] 041b061a72


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